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Software For Data Management Platforms

Data management tools ensure that employees have the correct information at the appropriate time. This enables them to work more efficiently and faster. Effective data management practices ensure that businesses are protected from users who are not authorized and ensure compliance with rules like consumer protection laws.

A well-planned approach to managing data can help save money by ensuring that valuable assets like data and analytics are safe and accessible when required. This is especially important for organizations with large amounts of data that are constantly changing, or with sensitive information that needs to be protected.

The best software for data management focuses on providing one continuous view of data across different data sources of the organization to provide greater transparency as well as security, reliability and scaling. These platforms offer data integration and data quality as well as data governance tools that can improve business intelligence, improve collaboration and decrease the risk of costly mistakes resulting from insufficient or incorrect information.

Description: Oracle offers a suite of solutions that enable enterprises to design, implement and manage data-driven projects. Its Data Management Suite provides consolidated, consistent and authoritative master data to all operational and analytic applications. It also facilitates data quality and governance policies, consistent business processes, cross-functional collaboration, and awareness of changes throughout the enterprise.

Tamr is an enterprise data mastering platform which improves and integrates data from multiple sources and enhances analytical insights. It utilizes machine learning to consolidate clean and categorize information that comes from a variety of sources. It also incorporates metadata from both Hadoop and legacy systems. It is designed to provide users with a simple data catalog as well as a built-in business glossary, as well the ability to visualize data lineage.

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